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Ex-Pak captain Sarfaraz’s ‘so-called female journalist’ tweet sparks debate | Cricket

Former Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed caused controversy with his tweet criticizing a female Pakistani journalist for her comments about the Babar Azam-led side having one fielder less outside the 30-yard circle in the last three overs of their 2022 Asia Cup. opener against India due to slow overload at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Sarfaraz highlighted the spasms suffered by Pakistani pacesetters Haris Rauf and Naseem Shah due to the heat and humidity hampering their excessive speed and ultimately resulting in them having only four instead of five border riders from the start of the 18th.

“Pak was at a disadvantage after 17th place more than 5 field players were inside the circle due to slow overspeed and 1 of the so called female journalist on national TV bashing the Pakistani team after a fight match saying ‘na run karte hai na catch pakarte hai kamal hai bhi”, the former Pakistani wicketkeeper batter tweeted.

Sarfaraz did not name the journalist or the show he was talking about, but it was clear that he was angry at the criticism of Pakistani players after a hard-fought match against India, which the latter won in the last over.

It was striking that India also had a fielder who was less outside the inner ring due to a slow overrate in the last two overs of Pakistan’s innings.

Here’s How Fans Debate On Twitter After Sarafarz Ahmed’s ‘Supposed Female Journalist’ Tweet

So why did India and Pakistan have one less fielder in the last few overs of the crucial encounter? ICC introduced a new rule in January to penalize teams for delays. Under the rules, a fielding side must be able to start the last left of a T20I innings under normal circumstances within 85 minutes – the time set calculated by ICC. If the team doesn’t, they will have to settle for a fielder who is less in line for the number of overs they came up short. For example, India had only bowled 18 overs in the allotted time and therefore they had to keep five fielders in the ring for the remaining two overs. In Pakistan’s case, they had bowled 17 overs and were three overs behind goal, allowing them to keep up to four outfielders out of the ring instead of the normal five out of overs 18-20.

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Before you get confused, time lost during DRS and things beyond the fielding side’s control, such as external injuries to the batter or a member of the fielding side, are taken into account before penalizing a team for slow play. overspeed. Rauf and Shah’s cramps were taken into account by ICC, but despite the extra compensation, Pakistan fell short by three overs.



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