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Environment to yoga: UGC lists ‘value added courses’ for undergraduates | Latest News India

understanding India from a historical perspective; knowledge of India’s environment in its entirety; yoga teaching; fitness and sports; and digital learning; are among the usual “value-added courses” proposed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in its new guidelines for undergraduate students.

The UGC document, titled “Curriculum and credit framework for four-year undergraduate programs,” viewed by HT, will be released Monday. It contains guidelines to be followed by universities and colleges wishing to enroll students in four-year undergraduate programs starting this year.

Under the 2020 National Education Policy (NEP), universities and colleges will offer four-year undergraduate degrees with multiple exit and entry options. On Saturday, HT reported that UGC guidelines suggested that students now only get an “honours” bachelor’s degree after completing a four-year degree, instead of three years.

Under the guidelines, the undergraduate students will now take courses of their interest in skills enhancement (language), skill enhancement, and value-added categories in their first two semesters. These courses are common to all students, regardless of their field of study.

Under the value-added category (VAC), the higher education regulatory body has proposed courses such as “Understanding India”, “Environmental Education”, “Digital and Technology Solutions”, and “Health and Wellness”, “Yoga Education”, “sports and fitness.” With these subjects, students can earn six to eight credits, the document said.

Through courses based on “Understanding India”, the UGC aims to enable students to acquire and demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of contemporary India from a historical perspective.

“The course will seek to deepen knowledge and understanding of India’s freedom struggle and of the values ​​and ideals it represented in order to develop an appreciation for the contributions of people from all parts and regions of the country, and to help students understand the values enshrined in the Indian Constitution and to prepare them for their roles and responsibilities as effective citizens of a democratic society,” the document states.

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“Yoga education would aim at preparing students physically and mentally for the integration of their physical, mental and spiritual faculties, equipping them with basic knowledge about one’s personality, maintaining self-discipline and self-control, to learn to take good care of themselves in all respects. life situations,” it added.

UGC President M Jagadesh Kumar said, “The new four-year curriculum framework ensures holistic education by allowing students to experience courses across multiple disciplines as envisioned in the NEP 2020”.

The universities can also design their own VACs.

Meanwhile, UGC guidelines also suggested introducing undergraduate-level summer internships to provide students with industry experience — earning them two to four credits.

“An important aspect of the internship is introduction to real work situations. Internships include working with local industry, government or private organizations, corporate organizations, artists, artisans and similar entities to provide students with the opportunity to actively participate in on-site experiential learning,” the document states.



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