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Educational parks in government schools, grant of 11.97 cr issued: Harjot Singh Bains

The Punjab government has decided to establish educational parks in government schools, said state education minister Harjot Singh Bains.

Bains said that under this government initiative, educational parks will be built on school campuses to enhance the creativity of students studying in government schools, where discussion forums and “Idea Sharing Points” will be set up to hone the skills of the students. .

Bains informed that a grant of Rs. 11.79 crore has already been spent on government primary, secondary, junior high and upper secondary schools to start the project with missionary zeal. He disclosed in detail that a grant of Rs 7.39 crore has been awarded to 7392 primary and secondary schools from the government and a grant of Rs 4.49 crore to 3783 middle and high schools to take the project to letter and mind to realize.

He said that the geographic, scientific and mathematical perspectives of the students will increase through these educational parks. The models developed in these educational parks are based purely on the curriculum and students will be able to easily learn the principles of different teaching methods through their first-hand activities. In one place in these educational parks will also be a suggestion box where students collect and write down their ideas after they have been discussed in the ideas forum.

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