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Education should help maintain harmony in society

Looking at the current global political scenario, we would easily realize that the demand for harmony between different communities, castes and regional, linguistic and other caste groups is at the top of every country’s agenda.

There has also been a greater realization that in the absence of harmony all energy, money and attention is wasted on trying to prevent the deterioration of relations between different antagonistic groups or that great effort must be made to enforce the terms of the law and normalize the law. even after a short period of disruption in relations between different communities or groups.

Society, as it is composed today, is so clearly intertwined that

a disturbance caused by one factor in one sector causes waves of

also in other sectors of society. An act of

disharmony caused by science, technology, education, art or

in fact, religious worship can disrupt harmony through every aspect of society’s life and also unleash the forces of disruption in all or most other areas.

Discord in the form of environmental degradation is the best example of recent times. It is therefore essential that all types of institutions and all aspects of an organized society work together to create holistic harmony, otherwise incongruous steps by one or a desynchronized tune by the other can disturb the total harmony or the rhythm of the total system.

Research has shown that education is one of the most

important sectors that can make a major contribution to the well-being and proper functioning of society. To create a healthy one

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and happy society, in which there is social, political and economic justice and harmony, education should enlighten the educated class

about the need to inculcate human values ​​and divine qualities

their life. Currently, this element is neglected in education as a

as a Result of which many highly educated people do not know how

lead a peaceful life and how to deal with their problems without much

mental tension.

It has been found that the current education system does not

cultivate the qualities of tolerance, self-control, humility, service,

cooperation, concern for the welfare of society, and

responsibility for own actions. Also, students do not get a clear understanding of the value of simplicity, honesty, justice, non-violence and fair play. As a Result, even after so many years spent in school and college or university, there is often a lack of kindness, nobility, sincerity and humanism, and an inspiring purpose in life.

Society may therefore have a high percentage of literate or educated people and yet there may be unrest in legislative bodies, disobedience to orders of the highest court in the land, total disregard for the law, criminal tendencies and anti-social habits. No elaborate explanation is needed to understand that it is the above factors that create disharmony.

Education, therefore, could fulfill its noble purpose only if it teaches such values ​​as create a harmonious personality and helps to maintain harmony in society and man’s harmony with nature, with the environment and with himself.

(The author is a spiritual educator)



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