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Education Now: Sal Khan on Innovations in the Classroom

During the pandemic, many educators turned to online education pioneer Sal Khan for guidance as tens of millions of students across the country transitioned to remote learning. Now the founder and CEO of the not-for-profit Khan Academy joins us to reflect on lessons learned and explore new innovations that can be leveraged to improve personalized learning in K-12 schools, make up for missed lessons, and create more targeted interventions for those most in need.


  • Sal Khan, founder and CEO, Khan Academy; Founder, Khan Lab School; and co-founder of and Khan World School


Uche Amaechi, Lecturer in Education, HGSE

Key takeaways and directions for action:

  • Health and learning are intertwined. Taking care of health is taking care of education; to care about education is to care about health.
  • The evidence is clear: healthy buildings = healthy children = higher quality learning. (That’s true in COVID times and in non-COVID times.)
  • The economic impact of the pandemic and the toll of human suffering is far greater for some students, families and communities than for others. Leaders must acknowledge and respond.
  • Educators are frontline mental health monitors — and should receive training and strategies.


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