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Edamalakkudy students get a chance to pick up Malayalam

Samagra Shiksha, Kerala, provides language training to improve students’ reading and writing skills

Samagra Shiksha, Kerala, provides language training to improve students’ reading and writing skills

Students from Edamalakkudy tribal settlement in Idukki district now have an opportunity to improve their mastery of Malayalam. The Samagra Shiksha, Kerala, provides special language training at the primary primary school of the Edamalakkudy tribe to improve the students’ reading and writing skills.

The Muthuvan language which does not have its own script has been translated into Malayalam and selected students are trained in it.

A majority of Muthuvan tribes living in the settlements of Edamalakkudy and Kuruthikkudy do not know how to read and write Malayalam. This had led to an increase in the number of children who were not in education. A study by Samagra found that the number of children who did not like going to school was three times higher than the number of enrolled students.

The Samagra Shiksha, Kerala, has prepared a special language training project for Edamalakkudy by order of Minister of General Education V. Sivankutty that the education of the children should not be disrupted under any circumstances. Samagra’s specialized trainers and selected education volunteers from Idukki district have lived in the Edamalakkudy tribal school to train nearly 60 students from the Muthuvan community.

Instead of textbooks, the training included the Muthuvan way of life, culture, food, and so on. The one-month training includes academic activities that are practical. It is carried out with the support of the Edamalakkudy grama panchayat and the Scheduled Tribe Development and Forest departments.

Besides improving the language skills of the Muthuvan children, the project will help to increase the spread of Malayalam in the region and make the children academically proficient by training them in the language of instruction of schools. Special training is given to Tamil Muthuvans and Malayali Muthuvans.

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