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Dyson’s Wacky Wearable Air Purifier With Headphones Will Cost You A Bomb

Dyson is in the industry with its premium air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and more. The company has added unique wireless headphones that double as a portable air purifier and now knows how much this crazy product will sell for in the market.

Dyson says its noise-canceling headphone cum air purifier will be available in the US from March 2023 and buyers will have to shell out a whopping $949 (around Rs 80,000) to get this gadget. The company is trying to tackle two problems with one stone, and the Dyson Zone headphones aim to reduce both noise and air pollution.

The Zone wireless headphones get noise reduction technology that takes care of the ambient noise, and the air purifier ensures a clean breathing system for the user. It features 40mm neodymium drivers and offers three audio equalizer modes such as Dyson EQ, Bass Boost and Neutral. The headphones pack a 2600mAh battery that promises over 50 hours of music standby time, but with the purifier on, the backup is just over four hours. The mask battery takes 3 hours to fully charge.

Dyson uses its air purification expertise by integrating its filtration technology into the mouth-covering part of the gadget. Dyson says the visor doesn’t touch your face and there’s an opening that allows the person to breathe normally.

The company claims it has spent the last six years integrating the air-purifying technology into the headphones, and it seems to have finally found the right design and form factor to deliver the best results.

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While there is little doubt about Dyson’s cleaning technology, not much can be said about its mastery in the audio segment, where you have premium brands such as Sony, Apple, Bose and more. And when the company asks you to pay more than Rs 80,000, the stakes are even higher.

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