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DU doubles down on appointment of Stephen’s principal

The University of Delhi has written again to the governing body of St Stephen’s College about the director’s appointment, stating that the university has been “forced not to recognize Professor John Varghese as director of the college since his five-year term ended”, and it ask college to follow UGC regulations.

The September 16 letter from the Joint Registrar (Colleges) to the Chair of the Governing Body states that the College is required to follow the provisions of the UGC regulations regarding the reappointment of the Director. “Failing to comply with the said provisions amounts to an illegal and extra-legal continuation of Professor John Varghese as Principal of St Stephen’s College,” it reads.

The letter refers to the 2010 and 2018 UGC regulations. In accordance with the 2018 UGC regulations, the term of office of the Executive Director is five years. Eligible for reappointment for another term only after assessment by a committee appointed by the university. The letter also mentions a clause from the UGC regulations in which the composition of the commission for the assessment of the client is laid down for a second term. The committee is expected to have a candidate from the vice-chancellor of the university and a candidate from the president of the UGC.

It is this arrangement that the university has asked the university of applied sciences to follow.

dr. Varghese did not respond to a request for comment on Saturday.

The University of Delhi had written to St Stephen’s in August that it is illegal for Dr. John Varghese will remain as director after March 2021. The university had said at the time that it believes that since the High Council of St Stephen’s College “failed to follow the proper processes and procedures as provided for in the relevant UGC regulations, the decision passed by the High Council of the College taken to extend the term of appointment of Dr. John Varghese as director for another term is null and void, ab initio, and therefore the continuation of Dr. John Varghese as principal after completion of the term of office is unlawful.”

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In July of this year, Professor Nandita Narain, a member of the governing body, raised the issue of Varghese’s reappointment in a letter to the chair of the governing body.

A statement from college management earlier this month stated that “all applicable regulations” regarding minority institutions have been followed in this case and that Varghese has the legal right to continue as principal.

The chairman of the Executive Board had informed the university of this in a letter, according to the statement.



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