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Does Indian Govt’s Education Policy Also Come With An ‘Anti-Minority’ Tag?

While the students of the university campuses are mobilizing against this move by the Union government, there are several questions to which the answers are not very difficult to reach. Don’t the minority communities of this country have a share in the public resources it possesses? Does the Indian state consider its religious minorities an exception while fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities to ensure social, economic and political justice for its citizens?

Are public spaces, positions of power and privileges only secured for the socially privileged part of the country? Can the issue of first stopping the pre-matric scholarship for minority students and now the MANF be disconnected from the larger project of majority religious and cultural regime that has become a stable feature of Indian politics for almost a decade now?

One can only marvel at the disturbing silence of progressive intellectual civil society about such a move that has challenged the very idea of ​​secular, inclusive, accessible and affordable education, an ideal that so many of us have vowed to fight for.

(Khushbu Sharma is a PhD student at the Center for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She writes regularly on various public platforms on issues of caste, gender, education and society in both Hindi and English.)

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