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Dil Raju is seriously working on VD’s Project

Two years ago, producer Dil Raju had planned a fantasy movie starring Vijay Deverakonda in the direction of Indraganti Mohan Krishna.

Dil Raju was so optimistic that Indraganti would deliver a huge hit with Nani’s “V,” but the film didn’t get much acclaim when it premiered directly on OTT, skipping the theater window due to lockdown.

Dil Raju is now very serious about bringing Vijay Deverakonda’s film to the sets. The ‘Liger’ actor, who is dealing with the failure, is in consultation with the senior producer.

Either Harish Shankar or another director will make a movie with Vijay Deverakonda for Dil Raju.

Discussions continue to make a big announcement about this new combination.

Vijay Deverakonda will focus on the Telugu market for a while. He wants to put in one or two big hits on the home market first.

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