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Dhanashree Verma signs off as ‘DVC’ in new post, Yuzvendra Chahal reacts

Youtuber choreographer Dhanashree Verma shared her life update on Instagram when she recently suffered a ligament tear. She will undergo knee surgery and wrote a long note thanking her husband, cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal, for her support. She also mentioned her name as ‘Dhanashree Verma Chahal (DVC)’ days after she deleted it from her social account, sparking rumors of a divorce. (Read also: Dhanashree Verma Responds To Rumors Of Divorce With Yuzvendra Chahal)

Dhanashree shared some sunkissed selfies, writing: “Good morning guys, here are some REAL life updates. It’s late morning because I actually overslept; thanks to you guys needed all that sleep to recover. It’s funny though, me opened my eyes and felt so confident and strong today Something I have been looking for for the past 14 days I had completely lost confidence due to my knee injury that occurred while dancing (my last reel) and I ended up tearing my ACL ligament.”

“I’ve rested at home and the only movement I’ve had has been from my bed to my couch (along with physiotherapy and rehab every day). But what has also helped me through this has been the support of my loved ones, including my husband, my family and my best friends,” she added.

Dhanashree confirmed her plans for the knee surgery and also said she was in the news because of her divorce rumors with Yuzvendra. “This was when I needed the most support, and this is exactly when people picked up random news about us! , therefore, hurtful, for me to hear all that. It was grueling to say the least.”

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It all started when Dhanashree changed her name on Instagram, fans quickly speculated about a possible rift between her and Yuzvendra. Later, Yuzvendra Chahal’s recent story mentioned that he started a “new life” and left fans wondering. Reflecting on it, Dhanashree also shared, “I’ve worked hard and gradually and gracefully earned my respect. I’m not going to let this injury or baseless rumours take that away from me.”

She also added that her injury and the speculation about her private life have now made her “more and more fearless.” “I am now confident that I have the ability to bear the consequences that come with having a public life. Let’s spread joy and happiness and ignore everything else – DVC,” she wrote.

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