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Destiny 2 Players Exploit the Game Hilariously by Turning 2-Week Community Challenge Into a Day’s Work

Destiny 2 Sea of ​​plunder update brought some new things. Kings Fall, ARC 3.0 and a bunch of New Exotics. This new season did something very unexpected, it turned guards into pirates.


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It allowed players to take on fallen pirate ships and, in turn, also unlock pirate-themed rewards. In addition, players got access to a new Battle pass and also a brand new hub area. And now this season is almost coming to an end.


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The Destiny 2 event is on to celebrate the final two weeks of Seasons of Plunder!

Recently, Bungie decided to treat Destiny 2 fans to a community challenge for the last two weeks. This community event would last two weeks. And then open the gates for season 19 of Destiny two on December 6. But the players had something else in mind.

This was actually a charity event, where players had to collect captain coins and a bunch of other resources and put them in a donation box. This curious donation box stood in the middle of the tower’s courtyard. Donating resources and coins would result in improvements to Eliksni district, it would grow and improve with the completion of each donation threshold.

But somehow players have found a way to donate other currency they receive during the looting season, such as the very common treasure coordinates players receive by completing playlists. This also paved the way for an exploit that allows players to edit unlimited treasure coordinates if they already have them in their inventory.

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pokemon violet scarlet starters hi res

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet decimated all previous Nintendo records in just 3 days of release

about 1 hour ago


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With almost all Destiny 2 players using this exploit to donate stuff to the mysterious box, everyone had those Eliksni quarters already upgraded to completion and most Destiny 2 players are pretty much done with this season.

The event would have been a chore without the Exploit

Destiny 2 players suggest that if they had done this event without the exploit, this challenge would have taken players nearly a week to just work towards achieving an individual end goal. So some say it’s just a good thing that this exploit existed and made this task a bit easier for the players. All in all, it was a good end to the season for most players. Not so much for Bungie, it seems.


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These kinds of heroics are not uncommon, but what is unusual is that people make short shrift of such a major event. We can only imagine what Destiny’s developers are thinking right now.

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