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Delhi has twin tower of corruption

BJP leader Shahzad Poonawalla

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New Delhi: The BJP launched a scathing attack on the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Tuesday, saying that Arvind Kejriwal’s government in Delhi has a “twin tower of corruption” – education and drinking scams.

The BJP’s new response comes amid an ongoing battle of words between the two sides over corruption charges.

Speaking at a press conference, BJP leader Shahzad Poonawalla said: “Twin towers of corruption — education and drinking scams — have sprung up in Delhi. The people of Delhi want to know when Arvind Kejriwal will demand the resignation of his ministers involved in the scam. ”

“People asked for ‘pathshala’ (schools), but the AAP government gave ‘madhushala’ (liquor stores),” he continued.

Poonawalla stepped up his attack on the AAP government, accusing Delhi’s ruling party of diverting the alleged corruption in Delhi’s excise tax policy and dodging questions on the matter.

“It has been 38 days and our 15 questions about the drinking scam remain unanswered by Arvind Kejriwal. AAP continues to redirect the issue and dodge the questions,” he said.

Meanwhile, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari alleged corruption in government school construction in Delhi and claimed construction costs had escalated several times.

“A classroom that could have been built in Rs 5 lakh was built in Rs 33 lakh, according to the report. Even toilets were counted and projected as classrooms. This is a clear case of corruption by the Delhi government,” he said.

“The semi-permanent structure is being built for the schools. It is built for the short term. This kind of structure is weak and poses a danger to school children,” he added.

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The BJP leader also criticized Arvind Kejriwal’s government over the incident in which a Delhi government student was injured after her classroom ceiling fan fell on her.

“In a school in Delhi, a ceiling fan fell on a girl and the child means it. The condition of many schools is bad,” said Tiwari.

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