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CUET 2022 Results: DU admissions race set to be tough, more students score 95 percentile in English than any other CUET paper

CUET 2022 Results Announced: More candidates have scored 95th percentile in English than any other paper in the Central University Entrance Test (CUET), according to results consulted by The Indian Express. English also has the highest number of 100 percentile scorers (8,236 candidates) across all CUET subjects, indicating that admission to Delhi University’s BA English (Honours) program is going to be difficult this year.

Last year, a total of 3,100 students were admitted to BA English (Honours) programs from 46 DU-affiliated colleges based on their performance in the Class 12 exams.

The Indian Express looked at the results of the top five subjects with the highest number of exam candidates or candidates – English, General Test, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics – and found that Physics and Mathematics were the hardest papers and English the easiest. About 4.85 lakh appeared for the English newspaper, 4.5 lakh took the general test, 2.3 lakh chemistry, 2.29 lakh mathematics and 2.2 lakh physics. CUET UG 2022 covered a total of 61 subjects.

Of the top five subjects, physics has the lowest number of 95 percentile scorers, while English has the highest number (see box). In English, 33,627 candidates scored 95 percentile. This was followed by 24,030 candidates with 95th percentile in overall test, 12,179 in chemistry, 11,942 in math and the lowest, that is 11,329, in physics.

The cut-off point to have scored 95 percentile in physics and mathematics is much lower than in English. To achieve 95th percentile in Physics, a candidate must have obtained 52.5% or 105 points out of 200. The 95th percentile mark in math is much lower at 51.5% or 103 of 200 points. English, in stark contrast, has set its 95th percentile mark at 92.5% or 185 out of 200 points.

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“If we have to go further down (in numbers) to find a candidate with 95th percentile in his or her cohort, that means the paper was tough. If someone is in the top 5% of her cohort by getting high grades, that paper is relatively easier,” explains a senior NTA official.

Professors at central universities do not dare to guess what the above trend means for admission this year. According to the Delhi University Dean (Admissions) Haneet Gandhi, until all students have submitted their CUET scores and their preferences, it will be difficult to gauge what the chances of a candidate for a particular program and college may be.

However, a high number of candidates in the high percentile band generally means a more competitive admissions process.

CUET is the single gateway test to gain entry into an undergraduate program at a centrally run university. For example, for the first time, DU will not admit students based on their Class 12 Board grades. Admission to DU will be based on a candidate’s performance in CUET.

CUET UG was conducted in six phases from July 15 to August 30. A total of 9.9 lakh unique candidates had applied for the exam. Since some candidates sat for more than one paper, NTA conducted the exam for a total of about 15 lakh candidates. Out of these, 2.49 lakh students took the exam in the first stage (July 15 to July 20), 1.91 lakh in Stage 2 (August 4 to August 6), 1.91 lakh in Stage 3 (August 7 to 10 August), 3.72 lakh in phase 4 (August 17 to August 20), 2.01 lakh in phase 5 (August 21 to August 23) and finally 2.86 lakh in the final phase (August 24 to August 30).

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