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Course5 Intelligence launches multi-year scholarship programme for higher education

Course5 Intelligence, an analytics and AI solutions company, has launched a multi-year higher education scholarship program under the corporate social responsibility function called Course5 Cares. Details about this scholarship are available on the official website –

The scholarship is being launched in partnership with the Swades Foundation, who will select the right candidates for this scholarship with due diligence in terms of their educational and economic background. The foundation will ensure that the resources provided by Course5 are used as intended and monitor students’ progress until the end of their studies.

As part of this scholarship program, the selected students will get internship projects and also have a chance to be hired after graduation. The students are guided and supported for the duration of their chosen courses.

This scholarship will provide both financial support and mentoring to these students.

“The privilege of receiving a higher education greatly helps shape a lifetime of opportunity for an individual and the generations to follow. This aligns with Course5’s goal of creating world-class talent and giving it a chance to thrive. We will provide these students with both financial support and mentoring. We believe that supporting students who are capable and who will achieve professional success will create a ripple effect of growth and upliftment for their entire family and community,” said Ashwin Mittal, President and CEO of Course5 Intelligence.

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