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Congress relents, tells MPs will share list of voters for presidential poll

Responding to a joint letter from five Lok Sabha MPs from the party seeking transparency in the election process for the mail of congress presidentOn Saturday, the party agreed to share the list of Pradesh Congress Committee delegates making up the electoral college with aspiring candidates before the nomination process begins.

On Friday, The Indian Express reported that in the letter from Lok Sabha MPs Shashi Tharoor, Manish Tewari, Karti Chidambaram, Pradyut Bordoloi and Abdul Khaleque, they demanded that the “list be made available to verify who is entitled to nominate a candidate and who is entitled to vote”.

In response to Tharoor, on whose head the letter was written, Madhusudan Mistrywho is the chairman of Congress’ Central Electoral Authority, wrote: “I take note of your concern and appreciate your intention to strengthen the party and therefore hold a free, fair and transparent election of the president of Congress. “

Mistry wrote that “the first avenue open to a delegate to submit a nomination for Congressional presidential elections is: they can look up the names of the 10 supporters (deputies) in their state at the Pradesh Congress office. committee. The name and serial number are available in the state listing. The nomination signed by 10 supporters (delegates) is sufficient for the nomination to be valid.”

Mistry’s letter states: “For the first time, we are also issuing QR code-based ID cards to all delegates in the 28 states and 9 Union Territories who have congressional committees. Those wishing to apply should verify that they have a Delegate ID card with them. Only people with valid ID cards are allowed to sign on the nomination papers for the position of congress president.”

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Furthermore, he wrote: “If anyone wants to get nominations from ten supporters from different states, the list of all 9000+ delegates will be available in my office in AICC, Delhi from September 20 (11am to 6pm), before applying. their nomination on September 24. They can come and choose their 10 supporters (deputies) from the list and get their (delegates) signature for nomination.”

The letter said: “This should allay everyone’s concerns about the process of submitting their nominations without knowing the names of the delegates. Once the nomination is signed and handed over to the Chief Returning Officer, they will receive the full list of delegates. I hope this meets the needs of you and other colleagues who have signed the letter.”

It is learned that Mistry spoke to Tharoor before writing to him and the other MPs. Tharoor posted on Twitter: “I emphasized that as loyal congressmen we were seeking clarification, not confrontation. I am pleased that this clarification has come in the form of his constructive response to our letter… Given these commitments, I am satisfied. Many will be happy to move forward with an election process that I believe will only strengthen the party.”

Karti echoed Tharoor’s feelings. “As a signatory to the letter, along with my parliamentary colleagues, I am pleased with Mistry ji’s response and endorse the sentiments of my senior colleague Shashi Tharoor,” he tweeted.

In their letter to Mistry, Lok Sabha MPs had said: “We are not suggesting that any internal party document be released in a way that would give those who wish to harm us the opportunity to misuse the information contained therein.”

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“Rather, we are convinced that the party’s Central Election Authority (CEA) must submit a list of representatives of the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) who make up the electoral college before starting the nomination process. This list should be made available to verify who is entitled to nominate a candidate and who is eligible to vote,” they said.

The MPs had said: “In the event that the CEA is concerned about the release of voter lists, it should put in place a mechanism to securely share this information with all voters and potential candidates. Voters and candidates cannot be expected to go to all 28 PCCs and 9 Union Territorial units across the country to verify voter lists.”

The MPs wrote that such a move “will remove any unwarranted arbitrariness from the electoral process. As long as this requirement is met, our concerns about transparency – a sine qua non in any free and fair election – will be met.”



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