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Classes 1-8 in Puducherry Shut till Sep 25

The Union Territory of Puducherry has suspended classes for students from standard Sept. 1 to 8 to 25, following a surge in flu cases in the area.

The closure was initiated following a recommendation from the Ministry of Health and the decision was taken by the Prime Minister, N. Rangasamy, and the Minister of Education, A. Namassivayam.

The school education directorate said in a statement on Saturday that the holidays also apply to LKG and UKG students.

Health Ministry officials told IANS there was an estimated 50 percent increase in flu cases in children visiting various health clinics in the past week.

The officials added that most children arrive with a high fever and cough and the spread is increasing.

dr. R. Santhanakrishnan from a government hospital in Karaikkal, speaking to IANS, said: “The flu-like illness spreads when children inhale droplets from infected persons or when they come into direct contact with patients’ mucus. This has led to a large spread among school-age children.

He said children should stay home, wear face masks, maintain social distancing and wash their hands regularly with soap to prevent the spread of the disease.

The Puducherry Health Department has also opened dedicated fever clinics in government clinics and PHCs across the territory. It has also ensured that doctors are present in all fever clinics and PHCs.

According to a study conducted by the Puducherry Health Department, following the decline in the number of Covid-19 cases, people are crowding markets and public places without masks and this has led to the spread of flu-like fever.

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Authorities have instructed patients infected with fever to wear face masks and isolate themselves from other members of the family to prevent the spread

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