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Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 brings the Battle Drill Siege Machine

In addition to the groundbreaking Recall Spell revealed in the sneak peek of the October update for Clash of Clans, Supercell also unveiled a brand new Siege Machine: the Battle Drill. Watch the reveal trailer before we get into the details.

Available at Siege Workshop level 7, which you can upgrade to in Town Hall 15, the Battle Drill digs underground, avoids enemy defenses, and resurfaces to attack the closest enemy defenses. In addition, any nearby enemy defenses are stunned for two seconds.

In case you missed it, the Siege Workshop level 6 costs 19M Elixir and takes 18 days to upgrade. Once built, you’ll unlock the Battle Drill, which can be upgraded to a maximum of level 4. Here are the stats for each:

Level 1

  • Upgrade Cost: N/A
  • Upgrade time: N/A
  • Hit points: 4600
  • DPS: 430

Level 2

  • Upgrade Cost: 8M Elixir
  • Upgrade time: 10d
  • Hit points: 4900
  • DPS: 470

Level 3

  • Upgrade Cost: 11M Elixir
  • Upgrade time: 14d
  • Hit points: 5200
  • DPS: 510

Level 4

  • Upgrade Cost: 14M Elixir
  • Upgrade time: 16d
  • Hit points: 5500
  • DPS: 550

The Battle Drill isn’t as exciting as the Recall Spell and may not be much of a game-changer, but it will still have its uses when attacking. The fact that it destroys walls and stuns nearby buildings can make it an effective siege machine when attacked, clearing the way for your follow-up troops. Unfortunately, since it’s a siege machine, you can’t cast the recall spell on it, in case you had the same idea as me and thought to recall it to another side of the village.

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This is now the fourth sneak peek for the Town Hall 15 update. Previously revealed sneak peeks include:

And this isn’t even the end! Check back tomorrow for another sneak peek that will “SHOCK you titanically”.



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