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Children Who Stay Near Noida Twin Towers


Sitting on the boundary wall of a park opposite Supertech’s twin towers that will be demolished Sunday afternoon, 14-year-old Mohammad Zulfiqar animatedly explains to his friends how the buildings will collapse like a deck of cards.

“We will come early on Sunday to avoid the crowds and get this best spot. It’s a great view from here,” says Irfan (10) as they look at the 100-meter-high gray structures from a distance.

Disregarding the complexities of the adult world, Ali, Irfan and many other children living in slums in a nearby village of Gejha on either side of the Twin Towers expect a visual spectacle on Sunday.

Others, such as 16-year-old Sabina Khanam, whose mother works in a flat in Supertech Emerald Court, located next to the Twin Towers, find it ironic that the buildings are being demolished while many have no roof on their heads.

Higher than Delhi’s iconic Qutub Minar, Apex and Ceyane towers in Sector 93A of Noida will be demolished at 2:30pm on August 28.

The Supreme Court ordered the demolition of the towers on August 31 last year for violations of building standards, ruling that illegal construction must be strictly dealt with to ensure compliance with the rule of law.

“Tumko pata hai ek dum girega ye dhaad dhad dhad (you know it will collapse like a house of cards),” Zulfiqar tells his friends.

Nahid (11) talks about the large number of police and media personnel involved and how he has only seen such things happen on TV.

“We have heard that there is a huge amount of explosives set up in the buildings to blow them up. I’ve only seen scenes like this in movies on TV, but never in real life, so I can’t miss the chance to see it ,” Nahid told PTI.

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More than 3,700 kg of explosives are used to implode the Twin Towers. The main task is to ensure the safety of local residents and that no nearby buildings are damaged.

Another child, Gulshan Sahu (10), says people are talking about the possible impact of the demolition on the building.

“Many people have no houses and have to spend nights on the footpath, but here the authorities are demolishing flats and buildings. How can I feel happy or excited about this exercise,” said Sabina Khanam.

Another resident of the area, Majeed Alam, 18, said there had been a way to stop the waste.

“I have no desire to demolish this nearly complete building. While there must have been irregularities in its construction, I think the authorities should have come up with another plan rather than demolishing it. It had many like we can house those not good houses,” he said.

More than 5,000 residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village — the two closest airlines to the Twin Towers — will be evacuated by 7 a.m. Sunday.

About 2,700 of their vehicles will also be removed from the property, and residents will also take about 150-200 of their pets.

(This story was not edited by NDTV staff and was generated automatically from a syndicated feed.)



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