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Changes are coming to the Google Search UI

The Google Search app user interface is getting a new look soon. Google is testing some changes to the app, including a thicker search bar. Voice search and Google Lens icons will remain on the bar. Also new, in addition to the outline of the search bar, is a carousel directly below it with shortcut suggestions such as “Find recent screenshots from your library”, get help for your homework with your camera and Google Lens, how to identify songs, and more.

These suggestions can tell you about things Google Search can do that you may not have known about. They can also start the process and get the ball rolling with a single tap on the screen.

Also new is a bell icon next to your profile picture at the top right of the screen. Tap it to see notifications related to all the topics you subscribe to on Google. Other improvements to the app are coming, including showing search results even before you finish typing. Just to let you know, this is different from showing you suggestions on what to search for as you type, as this is currently available in the Google Search app.

The difference is that with the new feature, Google Search tries to figure out what you’re looking for even before you finish typing in the search bar and show you results before you’re done. If Google has the right topic, you’ll shave valuable seconds off your Google Search session. If Google is wrong, the time it takes you to look down on the screen to check and type out your query completely will add a few seconds to your Google search session. So to make this useful, Google needs to nail the algorithm.

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At this point, it’s still being determined whether Google is distributing the aforementioned changes to the search interface to everyone or if it’s part of an A/B test (Google is known to run these often).



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