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CenturyDoors launches its new Digital Film for consumer education

The ad was created by Wunderman Thompson and directed by Visual Audio.

CenturyDoors is now a leading brand in the door category and has released its new independent digital film for its customers that is educating but with a creative twist.

Door as a finished product contributes to two important aspects of a home. It adds to the beauty of a home, and it is also the identity of a home’s security. CenturyDoors beautifully combines these two aspects with its beautiful designs and strong features. CenturyDoors are impact resistant, swell resistant, drill and termite resistant and come with a whopping 25 year warranty.

In its latest digital campaign, CenturyDoors shows how annoying it is to have a termite-infested regular door. A termite-infested door can not only compromise the security of someone’s home, but can also have a major impact on their reputation. Veteran actor Tiku Talsania stars in the film and delivers the message beautifully with his impeccable acting skills and classic facial expressions. The chaos caused by the termites and Tiku is balanced with Vijay Raj’s deadpan comedic voiceover closing the film and informing the customers about what can happen due to misinformed buying.

Conceived by Wunderman Thompson and directed by Visual Audio, the ad will be heavily promoted across social media and leading digital platforms to reach the target audience with effective impact, reach and frequency.

Speaking of the new film, CenturyPly Executive Director Nikita Bansal said, “CenturyDoors is built to withstand everything a door is exposed to every day. The product is an all-rounder, not only in terms of proven properties, but also in terms of exclusive designs. The product is manufactured using CenturyPly, which is synonymous with strength and durability. Our new movie for CenturyDoors conveys the drawbacks of not choosing a termite-resistant door. It is depicted in a language most recognizable to our customers. With this film, we simply want to make our customers aware of the challenges that are inevitable when choosing the wrong doors and thus encourage them to trust only pioneers when it comes to home interiors. With a wide range of features and designs, CenturyDoors is here to change the game for doors as a category.”

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