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CDS Gen Chauhan begins work on military theatre commands | Latest News India

Now that General Anil Chauhan has found his job as the chief military adviser to Narendra Modi’s government, the second Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) has begun building consensus across the three services on the proposed establishment of military theater commands.

It is understood that a detailed discussion was held between the CDS and the three chiefs of services – General Manoj Pandey, Admiral R Hari Kumar and Air Chief Marshal VR on October 22 during the NDA at Khadakvasla in Pune on October 22 Chaudhari – about the proposed commands.

The new CDS took the three leaders to Khadakvasla to remind them of their beginnings at the National Defense Academy (NDA) and the need to combine military operations in the future as the country’s focus shifts to China as the main threat from Pakistan. It is understood that CDS Chauhan had the three leaders speak in detail about their view of the military theater commands in an effort to reach consensus among themselves. General Chauhan belongs to the 58th course of NDA, while the three leaders passed out from the 61st group. The new CDS also has a clear advantage: during his tenure as military adviser to the Secretariat of the National Security Council, he became a member of the powerful China Study Group.

While the new CDS does not want to impose theater commands on the three services, it has given them three months to streamline their positions on the matter, as theater commands can no longer be delayed. It is learned that General Chauhan believes in a bottom-up approach, i.e. promoting joint enlistment of the soldier rather than imposing a theater commander at the top without basic architecture and war doctrine. China has five theater commands under the Central Military Commission headed by President Xi Jinping. The entire 3,488 km Line of Actual Control with India is covered by Western Theater Command with dedicated Army, Air Force and Navy assets (as required).

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While the Army and Navy are prepared to create theater commands, the Indian Air Force has legitimate concerns about dividing its limited air resources among the respective theaters. However, as aerial warfare has now progressed from manned combat aircraft to armed drones and kamikaze drones with the most advanced and long-range surface-to-air missile systems such as the Iron Dome and S-400, the Air Force will need to rethink its wartime doctrine. Ukraine’s progress has shown that the Russian Air Force, despite having a massive air force, still has to dominate Ukraine’s airspace and is vulnerable to shoulder-fired Stinger missiles. The war in Ukraine has demonstrated the power of ranged weapons with India’s national security planners working to create a separate missile and missile command under the air force. In addition to missiles, the armed drones have also wreaked havoc in Ukraine’s war with Russia, using Iranian drones to target key infrastructure within the central European nation.

Whatever the interdepartmental concerns, the answer to a coordinated and rapid military response lies with a military theater commander with resources on the ground, air, and sea to make quick decisions and communicate to the troops on the ground. can be communicated.



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