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CAT 2022 on November 27: Follow these last minute tips to improve your performance

IIM Bangalore will conduct the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2022 on November 27. The exam is a gateway to a management course at IIMs and other prestigious institutions.

In the last two days before the exam, the candidate should focus primarily on mental conditioning and on careful curation and calibration of the 120 minutes available to write the exam. This means that every critical aspect of the test strategy must be visualized by breaking the test into smaller time intervals.

This is extremely important because the last part of the CAT journey requires you to imbue yourself with mindfulness so that you know why you do what you do. Accordingly, the specific tasks that one can include in the last part of the CAT preparation are:

– Keep trying a full test every day and analyze it thoroughly. This will help manage the D-day jitters so that on actual exam day you can feel like you’re just trying another mock test.

– Try the mock tests at a time of day that best matches your test slot – be it morning (8.30am-10.30am), afternoon (12.30pm-2.30pm) or evening (4.30pm-6.30pm) – to acclimate yourself completely to run at maximum efficiency during the specific period of the day when you actually need to attempt the CAT.

– Be ready with a mental map of your testing strategy – ideal number of attempts, time management, order of attempts, etc. – for each of the three sections viz. VARC, DILR and QA. You must clear limits in all three, so your approach should be well thought out and practiced before stepping into the test center.

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– Be aware of whether you have followed your testing strategies while attempting the mock tests. Continue to apply what you learn from one mock test to the next.

– While analyzing your performance in the mock tests, try to identify the reason for the wrong answers (if any) by referring to the answer key before referring to the detailed answer solutions. This allows you to review/summarize the basic concepts, improving your learning curve.

Review/review past proof tests and previous years’ questionnaires, familiarize yourself with the variations, especially for DILR sets, and focus on the most important topics, especially for the QA section.

– The last week before the exam is all about putting yourself in the frame of mind that will help you pass the test – these skills include the ability to stay calm, the ability to identify the actionable questions and the ability to let go the tricky fast to avoid wasting time and getting negative points for wrong question selection.

– Avoid last-minute cramming the day before the exam. Relax your body and mind. Take adequate nutrition, hydration and rest. Complete all the formalities i.e. take a printout of the access card, stick your photo on it, finalize the transportation logistics to reach the testing center, etc.

– Remember to eat enough on exam day to power up physical and mental energy. Consider the traffic scenario and go to the test center with enough time. Carefully follow the instructions about the logistics of the test center (about bags, mobile phones, electronic devices, clothing, footwear, etc.)

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(The author is a teacher at TIME Education)



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