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Case against Sreenath Bhasi for abusing anchor during Chattambi movie interview

Kochi: A case has been filed against actor Sreenath Bhasi for allegedly abusing a female anchor during an interview.

Bhasi gave an interview to a popular entertainment YouTube channel to promote his latest movie Chattambi when the incident happened.

A video clip of the interview that was widely circulated on social media shows that Bhasi is visibly irritated by some of the questions asked by the anchor.

One of the anchor’s questions asked Bhasi to rate his co-actors based on their rowdiness.

Although Bhasi initially tries to avert these questions, when it seemed that the interview was not going well, he is asked if he can leave.

After this, Bhasi clearly tells that the anchor is no longer asking him “silly” questions.

The actor can also be heard telling the crew to stop filming.

The YouTube channel claims that Bhasi verbally assaulted the crew after the camera was turned off.

In a video on the channel, the crew claims that Bhasi used swear words that were deeply offensive to women. Bhasi was interviewed by two female anchors.

“Being an online channel, we deviate from the usual hard news and instead focus on funny questions to spread the word about the film. In fact, when film promotion teams approach us, they prefer this kind of funny questions, so our videos are more lively than other promotional videos,” said a YouTube channel crew member.

However, it is true that Bhasi did not find these questions with his status. But given how he has made a name for himself in a short time, he must be well aware that it is goodwill and entertainment value that fuel the success of an emerging actor. behavior is not befitting of a lead actor, especially someone who comes to promote his film,” the crew member added.

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The video also features CCTV footage showing the Chattambi team is seen talking to the Channel.

“The film crew also admitted that they had problems with Bhasi. They said that the film was delayed by three months because of him. Chattambi team was here to apologize for their protagonist’s behavior,” said the crew member.

They further allege that despite the intervention of the film’s promotion team shortly after the incident, Bhasi showed no remorse for his behavior but instead took more advantage of the channel’s lead producer.

The YouTube channel has now demanded that Bhasi apologize for his behavior, especially to the two female anchors. “Respect women,” says a title card at the very end of the channel’s video.

The police registered the case based on an email complaint received at Maradu station.

In the meantime, Chattambi‘s promotion team informed onmanorama that the YouTube channel Bhasi pestered the entire interview with awkward questions.

The internet is split. While several women came forward arguing that the actor could have just answered the question (which many considered a really good question) and moved on, others bemoaned the “cosmetic” nature of most of the interview questions and gave the anchor the blame that he didn’t do enough homework.

The anchor is arguably one of the most sought after in its field, according to an industry expert.

Apparently, Bhasi had also misbehaved in another interview. On a radio talk show, Bhasi unnecessarily swears at the host for asking what he considered “inferior” questions.

Despite the radio host’s best efforts to continue with the show, despite putting up with very foul language, he gets more harsh criticism from the actor.

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As a result of the latest development, a video of this interview is also circulating on the internet.

There are also others who see this series of incidents as an elaborate publicity stunt for the film’s success. One of them is a close associate of Bhasi. He points out that these “incidents” are consistent with the character of Bhasi (the Chattambi) in the film.

Sreenath Bhasi has appeared in over 40 films in various guises. It is in Chattambi that the actor plays the lead role for the first time. For this reason, the film was cited as a game-changer for the actor. It remains to be seen how this row affects that. Chattambidirected by Abhilash S Kumar, hits theaters September 23.



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