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“Can’t Wait” – Fortnite Fans Go Crazy as Twitch Star SypherPK Reveals His Icon Outfit

Fortnite not only offers some of the best battle royale video game experiences, but it also has arguably some of the best collaborations in gaming history. Fortnite has collaborated with famous movies, TV series and even anime series. Furthermore, this 2017 game has collaborated with many famous personalities including musicians, actors and athletes.


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But aside from big-name celebrities, they’ve also collaborated with longtime Fortnite creators to create ICON skins. In the past, famous Fortnite creators such as Ninja, Loserfruit, Lazarbeam, Bugha, and Alia-A received their own skins. Now the famous Twitch streamer SypherPK also has its own skin.


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SypherPK reveals its Fortnite skin

SypherPK is a well-known name in the Fortnite community. He’s been streaming this battle royale game since it was first released. He was undoubtedly one of the perfect people for Epic Games to partner with for an ICON skin. So he initially revealed this collaboration on September 17, during his livestream.

The SypherPK ICON skin looks like the Twitch streamer, but Fortnite made it look arguably even cooler. The default skin lets him wear street style clothing. However, the scalp has a cool armor colored black and purple. Furthermore, his scalp has the Japanese Oni theme and we see an Oni mask on his left arm. And his weapon, a sword and armor burn in purple flames.

The cool looking ICON skin isn’t all it has. Fortnite also gave him a sword and his own emote with an original soundtrack. This skin has four cosmetics: a spray, an emoticon, an animated weapon cover and a loading screen. He is also the first maker to have a loading screen. These would be free cosmetics that players can access by completing certain quests.

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How did fans react to the SypherPK ICON skin?

Fortnite fans showered the skin with love. Everyone was excited about the new skin. They praised the SypherPK ICON skin for its excellent appearance. Fans can’t wait to try this new ICON skin.

Here are some of Twitter’s best responses:


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It’s fascinating to see how Epic Games collaborates with content creators.


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What do you think of these collaborations? What do you think of the new SypherPK skin in Fortnite? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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