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Can iPhone 14 Detect Car Crash? YouTuber Performs Experiment To Test It

The iPhone 14 crash detection worked in the experiment.

Apple launched iPhone 14 earlier this month with much fanfare. Like every iteration of the iPhone, this new flagship was also packed with features, including satellite calling. But one of the most talked about features is crash detection which is available in all four models – iPhone 14, Plus, Pro and ProMax. But a YouTuber decided to test whether Apple’s claims are true.

According to Apple, crash detection allows the phone to detect serious car accidents and automatically starts calling emergency services along with notifying the user’s contacts. It took a real car accident to test it. And the owner of YouTube channel TechRax did just that.

Watch the video:

He shared a video showing how he tested the new feature. The YouTuber strapped a brand new iPhone 14 Pro to the front seat headrest of a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis sedan, which was controlled remotely.

The car then crashed into a pile of old vehicles to create the scenario where the phone actually detects the accident and alerts emergency services.

The YouTuber rams the car into the pile of old vehicles twice and both times the phone’s function works. Though delayed by 10 seconds according to the YouTuber, the iPhone entered SOS mode and displayed a countdown before connecting to emergency services.

The feature is automatically activated when the phone owner is involved in a car accident. The countdown is intended to determine if the user is not responding, and if the cancel prompt is not pressed within the specified time, the iPhone will notify emergency services of the accident. The feature has also been added to the new Apple Watch Series 8.

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The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus will have the A15 bionic chip, while the Pro models will come with the A16 chip.

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