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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Season 1 Reloaded – What Is Raid and How It Will Continue the Campaign Story Forward?

Call of Duty has offered a huge blockbuster in Modern Warfare II this year. The brand new installment in Activision and Infinity Ward’s rebooted subseries has been a juggernaut in terms of breaking sales records.


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Now it seems that the creators are ready to continue the continued success by adding new content for the fans. Call of Duty is about to drop its first major update in the current season with Season 1 Reloaded for Modern Warfare II players. It will introduce them to a brand new mode called Raid.


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Raid mode explained in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Season 1 Reloaded

The upcoming mode will be challenging for those who like playing ‘Trios’ as the Raid missions require a team of three to complete a given task. As mentioned in the official blog, Season 1 Reloaded reveals the first Special Ops Raid in Atomgrad.

“Seize two of your best squads and help Price, Farah and Gaz discover the secrets kept in a highly fortified enemy facility,” reads the description on the main blog. Going deeper, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II campaign story will continue with the Raid Atomgrad mission, or in other words, Episode 1.

Captain Price and Farah are in Urzikstan, searching for their missing team members. There they eventually make a shocking discovery in an underground bunker. In Price’s own words, the Special Ops Raid is something that will take a lot “violence and timing”.


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Call of Duty players who can complete this Raid will be able to unlock a new, well-known Operator to use in Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone 2. In addition, a harder and harder playlist will also be unlocked to challenge some veteran Operators.

call of duty modern warfare II season 1 reloaded raid

Upon gaining new information, players will be rewarded with additional cosmetic items as well as more data on Modern Warfare II’s lore. To access a Raid, players need a Raid Assignment. Here are the following ways to get one:

  • Complete a specific Daily Challenge in Multiplayer or Special Ops.
  • Finishing in the Top 20 in the Warzone 2 battle royale playlist.
  • Use the last extraction helicopter with a cash of at least $30,000 in DMZ mode.


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The Season 1 Reloaded update in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II will arrive on December 14, 2022.

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