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Apple might soon start showing ads in first-party apps

Last year, Apple introduced a new feature called App Tracking Transparency (ATT), which basically allows users to decide whether apps can track them on other websites and apps. But shortly after Apple launched ATT, many ad companies, including Facebook, started complaining that their revenues were taking a hit. This was a huge step forward for users who wanted more control over what and with whom they share data.

That said, a report from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg now suggests that Apple plans to expand its own advertising business. Currently, the tech giant shows ads in the App Store, News and Stocks apps on the iPad, iPhone and Mac. Apple also recently placed ads in TV+ for its Friday Night Baseball.

While the ads displayed in the News and Stocks app are similar to what you would see on an ad-supported website, the App Store shows ads for actual apps. While ads on news websites are quite common, it’s quite rare for a paid iOS service like News+ to still have ads.

Mark Gurman says that in addition to the Apple account associated with the device, the Cupertino-based company will also combine data from its other services to deliver personalized advertising. Although Apple will allow users to disable the ad personalization feature, the system will still collect information such as carrier identity, device type, and content you are reading.

Apple says they don’t have to show users the ATT popup when collecting data because the system “doesn’t track you in apps and websites owned by other companies.” And if that wasn’t enough, the Cupertino-based tech giant will soon start showing ads on the Today tab of the App Store and even on download pages of third-party apps. The iPhone maker will also reportedly expand ads to apps like Maps, Books and Podcasts.

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