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Apple iPhone 14 Pro may bring back battery percentage indicator

Apple is reportedly changing how the iPhone would look with this year’s Pro models. According to various leaks and rumors, the notch will go on for good on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max and instead, Apple will introduce a combination punch hole and pill-shaped notch. Since this leaves more space on the top part of the screen, why not use it for something most iPhone users would want? The iPhone 14 Pro can bring back the classic battery percentage indicator. Also read – Apple iPhone 14 Pro renders show multiple color options, ‘i-shaped’ notch: View details

A new mockup, shared by MacRumors, shows that the iPhone 14 Pro has the same battery percentage indicator as old iPhones. That’s the one that shows the battery level and percentage side by side. The current battery indicator is just the battery icon that changes based on the actual battery level. This new design came with the iPhone X when the notch reduced the space on the top portion of the screen. But since the notch is reportedly on the iPhone 14 Pro series, Apple thought the battery indicator could also return to its original design.

The new design of the battery indicator

Apple is currently testing the battery percentage in the status bar in the iOS 16 beta. That means any iPhone upgraded to that version should be able to display the new battery percentage. But the problem is that the battery indicator for the notched iPhones looks weird. The percentage of the battery level is shown in the battery icon, but the visual display of how much battery is left hangs when the battery is full. It’s confusing because iPhone users are used to seeing the battery level in the icon decrease with use.

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The mockup also shows that the extra screen real estate on the iPhone 14 Pro can also be used for other purposes. For example, the cellular service icon on the iPhone 14 Pro may appear on the left side of the screen when the device is locked, while the notification center and battery indicator appear on the right.

The pill-plus-hole cutout on the iPhone 14 Pro may not appear separately, according to a recent leak later confirmed by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Apple may have tweaked the software for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro to make the pill and hole configuration look like a single, unified cutout, though it won’t be. While the pinhole will house the TrueDepth camera, the pill-shaped cutout will house the sensors important for Face ID authentication.



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