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Apple – Apple adds more power to encryption of data in its iCloud as part of its privacy push

The company calls it Advanced Data Protection and once it’s in place, only your data can be accessed

Advanced Data Protection for iCloud uses end-to-end encryption to provide Apple’s highest level of cloud data security

Matthew Paul


Published 22.12.10, 00:09 am

In one of its boldest moves to protect user data, Apple has announced an expansion of its end-to-end encryption for its various cloud services. The company calls it Advanced Data Protection, and once it’s in place, only you can access your data.

What is it?

Under Advanced Data Protection, there will be end-to-end data encryption, and Apple is expanding the number of “categories of data” it protects from 14 to 23, with backups, notes, and photos now covered. The question is how it works and why you need it. Joanne Stern van Wall Street Journal has a good explanation. At this point, you have a document or a photo that resides on your iCloud account. Under the company’s standard data protection, the photo or document is encrypted by the device with a key that can unlock the data. All this is encrypted as it goes to Apple’s server. If hackers got access to the server and the key, they could see the photo or document. If Advanced Data Protection is enabled, the document or photo is encrypted end-to-end, meaning Apple has no key. Only you do.

Will it be allowed outside the US?

What happens if I lose my Apple device?

Now that the encryption key is only on someone’s Apple device, what happens to data recovery if you lose the key/device? If you can’t get into your device, how do you recover the data? Apple doesn’t have a key. Well, you can set a person you trust as a recovery contact. This person can’t use the information directly, but the trusted source can help you recover the key-protected data. There is also a recovery key option, which generates a key that you can print out and keep safe.

What will law enforcement say?

Lawmakers have access to very important data and don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. So with users having the only key, it will be impossible for bad players to get their hands on data.

There is also iMessage contact verification

With iMessage Contact Key Verification, users facing extraordinary digital threats, such as journalists, human rights activists, and members of the government, can choose to further verify that they are only messaging the people they intend to. Conversations between users who have iMessage Contact Key Verification enabled will receive automatic alerts should an exceptionally sophisticated adversary, such as a state-sponsored attacker, ever manage to breach Cloud servers and enter their own device to complete this encrypted communication. to listen.

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