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Android Apps Ban: Google asks millions to delete these four Android apps now, read here

Apps make life easy for the common man, but if those same apps steal your privacy, that’s deceptive. The Google Play Store is full of all kinds of apps, structured in different categories – from health to books to photography and more. While that’s all great, there are some threatening apps in the Play Store that can steal your data. Identifying them can be tricky unless monitored and used.

Google has banned four such scam apps that are infused with malware and warned all Android users to immediately remove them from their respective devices. Malwarebytes security experts first identified these apps and flagged them to Google.

All these scam apps have been launched and made available to the users by the Mobile apps Group.

In October 2020, the Mobile apps Group launched an app called “Bluetooth Auto Connect”, which garnered millions of downloads. Some of the other questionable apps launched by the same group are Bluetooth App Sender, Mobile transfer: smart switch, and Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB. Despite strict security rules to access the Android platforms, the group of mobile apps somehow got through the security gates as the developer delayed the insertion of malicious software. The initial stages of these apps do not harm the users, but as you continue to use them, you will witness phishing sites. While initially these scam portals did not seem like something users should worry about, over time the portals became dangerous.

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Malwarebytes experts stated that these apps originally open with dangerous portals on Google. Some portals do no harm, but other unsafe portals cheat users, trick them into downloading something or ask them to update.

Malwarebytes security experts said: “The Chrome tabs open in the background even when the mobile device is locked. When the user unlocks their device, Chrome opens with the latest site. A new tab is opened regularly with a new site, and as a result, unlocking your phone after several hours means closing multiple tabs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Name some apps banned by Google?
    Handy Translator Pro, Locker Tool, Fingerprint Changer, Call Recorder Pro.
  2. Which apps are dangerous for your device?
    Fast PDF Scanner, Document Manager, PSD Auth Protector, Camera Translator Pro, Cool Caller Screen and RGB Emoji Keyboard.

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