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Amity Business School organizes an International Marketing Symposium – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Educational News

Amity Business School of Amity University, Mumbai has hosted an international marketing symposium on campus. The event was opened by Vice Chancellor Prof (Dr) AW Santhoshkumar.

The event was held to understand the concepts of marketing by the industry experts. It also aimed to understand the skills the freshmen need to get into the industry and keep the same. The event included international speakers from different countries such as Australia, Malaysia, USA, Singapore and India.

Speaking at the event, Vice Chancellor Dr AW Santoshkumar said how marketing is everywhere in real life and how important it is. Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Vijay Singh Dahima added that marketing is a way of communicating and does not create demand. Correctly communicating a message is marketing.

The event was divided into three tracks: Track A – Bridging the capabilities, talents and skills to shape future marketing trends, Track B – Orchestrating multichannel marketing to support the customer journey internationally, and Track C – How much personalization is too much , from a privacy and business investment perspective (overkill)?

dr. Song Kouk Thong, Pro Vice Chancellor, INTI International University, Malaysia, spoke about education and industrial needs. He revealed the skills needed for recent graduates as work management skills to achieve work-life balance, manage stress, personal skills for self-management, process automation skills to improve automation for improved efficiency, technology and digitalization from transaction services to value added services, communication and presentation skills, updated relevant courses such as cybersecurity and business analytics, problem solving skills, need for continuous learning and IQ-EQ-CQ (Intelligence, Emotional and Cultural Quotient).

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dr. Ayon Chakraborty, associate professor, Federation University, Australia, explained that on-the-job training, real-world projects and guest lectures are important to gain practical experience. He discussed the skills such as stress management, technology, negotiation, creativity, communication, public speaking and analytical thinking that are critical to the industry. He mentioned that the education sector can equip the students with the necessary skills through knowledge and skills based courses.

Mr Ashish Thete, founder of GDK Education Institute, India, said that everything you produce must be marketed properly. He also explained various marketing channels, including physical and online or digital marketing. He discussed the difference between single, multi, cross and omnichannel. He focused on explaining multichannel marketing through cases: Apple and Starbucks.

The main focus of the event was the skills needed for the graduates and how education can impart these skills. Students also learned about the privacy practices that can help prevent privacy invasions.



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