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AAP’s Raghav Chadha Gets Gujarat Task After Punjab Success

Mr Chadha has served in key positions in both Delhi and Punjab.

New Delhi:

In what appears to be a reward for securing an overwhelming election victory in Punjab, the Aam Aadmi party today appointed MP Raghav Chadha as co-responsible for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Gujarat. Chadha was also the co-architect of the victory in Punjab earlier this year, when AAP secured a formidable 79 percent majority by winning 92 of the 117 seats.

Whispers of the Arvind Kejriwal-led party seeking a major youth leader to lead its campaign in Gujarat, where she failed to even win a seat in the latest parliamentary elections, have also been circulating earlier.

Raghav Chadha has taken on major responsibilities both in Delhi and Punjab. The party also sees him as a very popular face among the youth, courting with promises of a brighter future with better education, jobs and business opportunities.

A victory in Gujarat, where elections will be held later this year, is crucial for the party to realize its national ambitions. Party chief Arvind Kejriwal has made multiple visits to the state, even bringing his deputy Manish Sisodia along to demonstrate his ‘Delhi model’ of development. The party defied sharp attacks from the BJP, and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, over the ‘revdi’ culture (freebies), promising jobs for all, free power and water, and improvements in the health and education sectors when they reach Gujarat. would come to power. . AAP has also announced a fixed salary for village heads.

Mr Kejriwal has presented AAP as the BJP’s main rival – a space that has so far been occupied by Congress.

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“There are people who don’t want a BJP government in the state, and they don’t like to vote in Congress. We need to get their votes because we are the only alternative to the BJP in the state,” he said. quoted as saying to members of his state unit.

Mr Chadha has echoed his chief’s line on Congress, even comparing Mr Kejriwal to Jayaprakash Narayan. The time has come for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to become the natural replacement for Congress as the main force against the BJP and if Jayaprakash Narayan could emerge from grassroots activism and shake up national politics, the Arvind Kejriwal’s chances look good, he told NDTV earlier this month.

“I truly believe that the time has come for AAP to become the natural replacement for Congress. We have the fire in our stomachs and the guts to take on the BJP. AAP and Kejriwal have what it takes to power the BJP AAP is no longer a regional party,” the Rajya Sabha MP had said.

He criticized the Congress, saying, “The Congress is perhaps the most suitable opposition for the BJP. Rahul Gandhi is invaluable to the BJP. In a situation of Rahul Gandhi versus BJP, BJP wins hands down. And this is where AAP comes in.” .”

Congress had strongly challenged the BJP in Gujarat’s 2017 parliamentary election, winning 77 of the state’s 182 seats. The BJP came in at 99.



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