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A Costly Crime Patrol Episode Where Only Aparshakti Khurana Took The Assignment Seriously & Rest Were Just Clueless

Dhokha: Round D Corner Movie Review Rating:

Star cast: Aparshakti Khurana, R Madhavan, Khushali Kumar, Darshan Kumaar & ensemble.

Director: Kookie Gulati

Dhokha Round D Corner Movie Review (Photo Credit – Dhokha: Round D Corner Poster)

What is good: Aparshakti Khurana tries to save a losing battle and the playing time saving the audience a bit.

What’s bad: The lack of responsible people on board to green good scripts. There is an abundance of ignorance and a lot of money is wasted telling a bad story.

loo break: I say this in a few reviews, stay there and scroll through Instagram reels. They have a lot more to offer than this movie.

To watch or not?: If you have no other choice, you can submit yourself to this, but I don’t think you have reached that dead end yet.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

Available on: In theaters near you.

Duration: 111 minutes.

User Rating:

So a terrorist (Aparshakti) who is taken to serve his death sentence breaks loose and hijacks a woman (Khushali) in her house. He demands a few things. But the terrorist is not the only threat in that house, but the hijacked woman also has a problem. Her husband (Maddy) is in between all this and the dhokha literally hits hard in all the wrong ways.

Dhokha: Round D Corner Movie Review
(Photo Credit – A still from Dhokha: Round D Corner)

Dhokha: Round D Corner Movie Review: Script Analysis

Among the many virtues that the Dhokha Round D Corner team could have, logic is certainly not on the list. Because the biggest thing missing here is logic and its application. If the definition of entertainment quickly changes to “leave your brains at home” or “this is suspension of disbelief,” then we need to rethink our choices as a brotherhood. Because vanilla scripts marketed as top-notch thrillers and backed by notable names are the biggest Dhokha among the public.

Written by Kookie, lately the filmmaker has decided to be as smooth as possible. His approach to every story he has to deal with now is to simplify it so that it seems pointless. Whether it’s his latest film The Big Bull or this latest thriller, he likes to dilute his material, characters, and arcs so much that they don’t remain interesting at all. And that results in a 2 hour tasteless episode of banal characters who are nothing more than caricatures doing things that are not interesting.

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Here, for example, he’s planting a cunning woman with a mental illness, a husband who has no idea why he even exists, a police officer who has no knowledge whatsoever about damage control, and I don’t even want to talk about the snipers who stood there with guns all day long. with 200 chances to shoot the terrorist, but not even a single bullet was fired. All this together doesn’t make a person who has seen better excited, they make you chuckle and laugh at the fact that they have traveled to see this.

In his writing, Gulati thinks it is correct to transfer a proven terrorist from one prison to another with only his hands tied with a rope and an agent treating him. Or he approves of a police officer triggering the terrorist more during negotiations. Also, people are too calm to be in an environment under attack by terrorists. Madhavan and Kumaar are constantly chatting and smoking as if the terrorist will wait for their chatter to end. You can’t get around the daily soap approach and twist that come from multiple episodes of Saavdhan India.

I haven’t even started yet. The blueprint of this movie tries to be clever to confuse you about who is bad and who is not. But the character development and approach is so weak that 15 minutes and you already have an idea that the guy is actually cheating. Don’t even make me tell you about the dialogues. They are so bizarre and funny that lines like ‘Gul ki planning per lipstick pher diya’ are a thing. Also, someone told the dialogue writer that swear words make a movie sharp and he chose 2 to be repeated like a chant.

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Nothing can beat how ignorant everyone seems to be in the movie, making it seem like the script was written on the sets. I honestly don’t know how to describe this wafer-thin film anymore. And how can Madhavan climb almost half of South Bombay in an hour at night? Where’s the traffic?

Dhokha: Round D Corner Movie Review: Star Performance

Aparshakti Khurana is the only one who has undergone the actual dhokha. Sure, he’s overly dramatic in parts, but he’s done the hardest work, and the rest have just done their makeup and been in front of the camera. The actor has really changed his body language and dialect and even went into a good trance to play this part, but for what purpose?

I can’t believe R Madhavan said yes to this banal role after Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. I would like to know if they were paid enough as this is a very lost deal. He plays a role so lazy that his wife is with a terrorist and he just sits there to say 2 lines that look very forced at random intervals. It even gets a big twist and even that’s so “Crime Patrol” of a script you can’t help but laugh at it.

As someone told Divya Khosla Kumar not to blink and to stretch her eyes as wide as possible, Khushali was advised to keep an intense poker face all the time to look tense. But she ends up looking extremely ignorant and in no way associated with the story. She literally has no layers other than how the men around her see her. Usually with a lust in their eyes. She may say some of the deepest lines, but only takes the laughter out of the audience. There is still a long way to go.

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Darshan Kumaar gets two overtly dramatic characters to play one after the other. Yes, I’m talking about The Kashmir Files and he had a role that was just a cinematic embodiment of ‘WHAT?’ Here he gets the dumbest things to do and the funniest (unintentional) lines to speak. Why are you doing this to yourself, Darshan?

Dhokha: Round D Corner Movie Review
(Photo Credit – A still from Dhokha: Round D Corner)

Dhokha: Round D Corner Movie Review: Direction, Music

Kookie Gulati in his direction thinks of Dhokha Round D Corner as a longer version of a Crime Patrol episode minus Anoop Soni. He doesn’t believe in letting the public absorb the universe or make sense of his world. He starts the movie so abruptly that there isn’t a good introduction to his characters, so we can at least try to root for them. He chooses to start it with a romantic Jubin Nautiyal song (because of the T-series annual subscription) and end it with a Tanishk Bagchi disco song (because of the T-series employment program). In between all this, he creates something that neither entertains nor excites.

The music is as standard as the T-series music videos today. There are many, but almost none of them have substance.

Dhokha: Round D Corner Movie Review: The Last Word

I repeat myself for the umpteenth time, people with all the money and influence create this without even fearing the criticism their decisions may face. Perhaps the public is being taken too lightly. Demand what you’re worth, not something that includes poster pop culture and serves mindless fodder.

Dhokha: Round D corner trailer

Dhokha: Round D corner will be published on September 23, 2022.

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