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7 iOS 16 features that Android 13 doesn’t have

It’s always the case of whodunnit when you compare iOS and android. We often compare who brought which feature first, whether it was iOS or Android. Now that we’ve got the latest versions of iOS and Android out, it’s time for a new whodunit. So let’s go through the functions that: iOS 16 brought first or the characteristics that Android 13 still hasn’t.


‘Passkeys’ is the great idea to replace the good old passwords. But why passwords over passwords? They are easier to use and much more secure than typical passwords. And Apple is the first to bring it with iOS 16. We do expect that Google will include this in Android sooner or later.

Live text in videos


Yes, we know you can copy text from images on Android with Google Lens, and Apple was too late to adopt it. But in iOS 16, you can copy text from videos. You just need to pause the video and select the text to copy, translate or share it. This feature is still not available in Android 13 or any of the third-party skins.

Security check

Apple’s Security Checkup feature is not comparable to the Security Checkup available on Pixel. The two are useful in their own way, but the one in iOS 16 is for the victims of domestic violence, while the Pixel ) is for when the user is alone.

The Safety Check in iOS 16 revokes and resets the privacy access users have given others in the event of domestic violence. There is no equivalent for iOS security check on Android or Pixels

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Edit or undo a message


WhatsApp, Telegram and many other apps have the ability to delete a message. But there is no such feature for the built-in messaging app on Android. However, the Messages app in iOS 16 gives users an option to undo a message and even an option to edit messages. None of them are available in the Messages app on Android.

Track your medications

With the Health app in iOS 16, users can now manage their medications. You can set a specific time for a medicine and you will then be notified that you have that medicine. You can still use third-party apps, but there is no built-in feature in Android 13.

Unit conversion


This may not seem like such a big feature, but it is very useful. In iOS 16, users can convert units within the Photos, Notes, Messages, and other apps; just tap the unit and the converted unit will appear. Meanwhile, on Android, you have to use the Google Lens app for unit conversion, which isn’t as seamless as the unit conversion in iOS.

Lock Mode

This is an extreme security mode that limits functions and further enhances security to prevent spyware attacks. You will not find such security features on any Android smartphone.




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