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5 top smartphones with clean OS across all prices: Pixel 7, iPhone 14, Motorola Edge 30

5 top smartphones with a clean OS: We pick the best phones at all prices with a clean OS with no bloatware.

All smartphones have great hardware these days and it is really hard to choose between two. However, for most people it comes down to the software and this is what every brand plays smartly on. Some brands simply want to provide a clean and pleasant experience, while others want to use it as a service, displaying ads and bloatware to make up for the losses. This will be a deal or break for most consumers, and for anyone looking for a clean interface, we’ve pulled up a list of devices that offer the cleanest software experiences.

Please note that our list includes devices of all price ranges and are products that we have reviewed at HT Tech.

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5 phones with a clean OS experience

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

From Rs. 139,900, the iPhone 14 Pro offers a clean and stable OS experience. iOS 16.1 in its current avatar is well optimized, offers plenty of customization options, a strict focus on privacy and security, and great support for ecosystem devices. It even offers a unique AOD style, a funky but useful Dynamic Island, and Apple’s first party apps work great. In addition, it is likely to be supported for at least 5 years. For a lot of money, the iPhone 14 Pro is a great and clean phone to use.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

for Rs. 84999, the Pixel 7 Pro launches Google’s gorgeous iteration of Android. The Material You design theme looks beautiful and is well optimized for the Tensor G2 chip. No ads, no pre-installed bloatware, and some of the smartest software features make the Pixel 7 Pro a great buy for Android enthusiasts. Plus, you get 3 OS updates and five years of regular security updates.

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From Rs. 65999, the iPhone 13 offers a similar iOS 16 experience to the iPhone 14 Pro. No Dynamic Island, fast 120Hz refresh rate and AOD here, but iOS 16.1 on the iPhone 13 runs smoothly. You still get the highest levels of security and no bloatware. Plus, you’re part of Apple’s massive ecosystem. Apple should provide OS updates for at least another 4 years.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

at Rs. 54999, the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is a great clean Android phone to buy. The Android 12 based interface is closer to the Google Pixel experience, offering a clean and ad-free UI. Motorola keeps its bloatware apps to a minimum and none of them interfere with the main user experience. The phone is expected to get 3 OS updates up to Android 15, but Motorola usually delays rolling out the update.

Nothing Phone (1)

For as low as Rs. 27,499, the Nothing Phone (1) offers a smooth and clean Android experience. Nothing’s Nothing OS marries the stock Android beauty with dot-matrix font, making for a great experience. The operating system is also well optimized and nothing releases software updates regularly. The Nothing OS will soon get the Android 13 update and will receive two additional OS updates during its lifetime.



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