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5 games like Mass Effect to satisfy your epic space opera needs

Mass Effect is a series of video games that tell an epic story set in space. The three titles in the series follow the life of Commander Shepard, a soldier in the Systems Alliance Navy who encounters a looming threat to all life in the galaxy.

The original games in the series, developed by BioWare, were a much-loved experience for players who love incredible sci-fi storytelling and space exploration. With a new Mass Effect game seemingly in development, fans are getting hyped for more news about this upcoming title.

While waiting for a trailer or announcement of a release date for Mass Effect 4, players can try out some other exceptional games set in space, giving them a similar experience. Here are five games like Mass Effect that can satisfy the players’ thirst for an amazing space adventure.

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5 games to play if players enjoyed the Mass Effect series

1) hello

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Besides Mass Effect, Halo is the other most famous game series with an epic space opera story. Or, more specifically, the first three Halo games Bungie developed. The series began in 2000 with the first game, Halo: Combat Evolved, starring the ten-foot-tall Spartan soldier known as Master Chief.

Chief’s battle with the theocratic Covenant Empire continued in Halo 2 and Halo 3, with the games adding several interesting characters, enemies, and even some surprising alliances. These three games ended the first arc of Halo’s saga and saw developer Bungie say goodbye to the franchise.

The next few main games in the series were developed by 343 Industries, although they failed to fully capture the essence of the original titles. Still, in 2021 Halo: Infinite, the developers managed to bring the series back to its roots, earning some good praise from the fans along the way.

2) The outer worlds

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The Outer Worlds is a sci-fi space RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment. The game harks back to the developer’s Fallout: New Vegas days in that it looks much the same, with a first-person perspective and an emphasis on exploration. It was released in October 2019, with a sequel currently in development.

The game takes place in a fictional world in the galaxy known as Halcyon. It has similar RPG elements that you see in Mass Effect, such as character decisions, the choice to recruit certain NPCs to the player’s crew, and a ship that serves as a base and home for them.

Players can visit certain locations in the galaxy, although not all worlds are available for exploration. Each location has its own unique design and style, with specific areas serving as marketplaces and quests, while others have wide open spaces for players to explore.

3) Lot 2

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Another suitable title for those who want to immerse themselves in a large-scale galactic conflict set in a fictional world is Destiny 2. Destiny 2 was developed by the same people who were behind the first series of Halo games. which serves as the main draw of the gameplay.

Mass Effect fans will love the threat of an alien force trying to take over the galaxy, as that’s pretty much the plot for most story expansions in Destiny 2. The plot is equal parts sci-fi and fantasy, a mix that works surprisingly well for this MMORPG.

The combat and firefights are far superior to the original Mass Effect games, which is a definite plus, although the characters won’t live up to the exact expectations. Still, it’s always a satisfying experience to play Destiny 2 with a few friends, while players can’t say the same about Mass Effect, which is a single-player game.

4) Nobody’s Sky

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Despite a troubling launch and a few rough years, No Man’s Sky has turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience. With numerous free updates, patches and expansions, the game has become one of the best space games to play in recent years, where players can freely explore this fictional galaxy.

Even at launch, No Man’s Sky was similar to the Mass Effect game with the resource gathering element. In Mass Effect, players can visit different planets where the primary goal is only to collect resources to upgrade the spaceship. This was one of the few features that originally launched No Man’s Sky.

At the moment, however, players can do a lot more in the game, such as build bases, participate in ship battles, use tools and gadgets such as jetpacks, etc. Players can also pilot large spacecraft that can serve as a mobile base. It’s almost similar, if not a better version of Sea of ​​Thieves, but is set in space.

5) Elite Dangerous

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Frontier Developments released this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in 2014, and it remains one of the best space exploration games even today. Elite Dangerous is an open world game where players can explore the galaxy and be part of an expansive story built by the players online.

Just like in Mass Effect, players have the freedom to explore any location they want. However, travel and spaceflight have to be controlled manually in most respects. Partying online with other players and participating in large-scale space battles is one of the main features of the game, although players can choose to live a peaceful life and opt out of such battles.

The expansion DLC, known as Odyssey, adds first-person shooter elements to the game, which players can access on planetary surfaces and in bases. This addition made the title look even more like the Mass Effect games, a point certainly appreciated by fans of the BioWare-developed series.

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