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5 best Town Hall 13 attack strategies in Clash of Clans (October 2022)

Supercell’s Clash of Clans is one of the most revolutionary mobile games since its launch in 2012. Players in the free-to-play strategy title typically have to use different types of troops and spells to attack other users’ bases, be it multiplayer or Tribal War.

Town Hall 13 is currently the second highest town hall available in the multiplayer RTS game, and it comes with a special Giga Inferno. There are also many powerful defenses and it can be a challenging task to get past them.

With this in mind, users should come up with the right attack strategies to increase their chances of getting the three-star attack. The composition of troops and spells will affect this significantly, and the five best attack strategies they can use in Clash of Clans are detailed below.

Remark: The article is subjective and the following Clash of Clans attack strategies are based on the writer’s opinion. User opinions may differ.

Clash of Clans: Top 5 TH13 Attack Strategies

5) Super Witch Smash

youtube cover
  • Troops to use: 3 Super Witches, 2 Super Wall Breakers, 2 Loons, 2 Yetis and other clearing troops (minions and more)
  • Spells to use: 2 rage, 4 freeze, 1 jump, 1 poison
  • Clan Castle Reinforcements: Flame Flinger, Hogs and Rage spell

This approach is a great option to use in Clash of Clans, and it requires players to create funnels for troops to infiltrate the opponent’s base. They can basically make funnels from two edges. As part of the first, they can deploy the Flame Flinger in conjunction with Yetis, who will perform the task of diverting the mortar. Meanwhile, they can deploy the Grand Warden and Healers on the other side.

Once the funnel starts properly, players must use the Super Wall Breakers to break through the walls before unleashing the Super Witches. They then need to properly use the Rage spells with the Jump spells to transport them to the core.

4) Mass Miners

youtube cover
  • Troops to use: 30 miners + 3 healers (for Queen Walk) + clearing troops (preferred)
  • Spells to use: 3 Heal, 4 Freeze, 1 Poison
  • Clan Castle Reinforcements: Wall Wrecker, Super Wizards/Valkyrie and Rage Spell

As the name implies, the “Mass Miners” strategy makes extensive use of the Miners in Clash of Clans. This troop is relatively decent and is one of the better choices when players continue with a ground attack. While not everyone would recommend this during war raids, it can be helpful.

Gamers can start with the Queen Walk to clear the outer areas of the base. They can then start deploying the miners to clear the entire base.

3) Queen Charge LavaLoon

youtube cover
  • Troops to use: 2 Lava Hounds, 20 Balloons, 5 Healers, 3 Baby Drags, 5 Minions, 10 Archers
  • Spells to use: 1 Poison, 2 Freeze, 2 Hurry, 3 Anger
  • Clan Castle Reinforcements: Battle Blimp, Yeti, Valkyrie, Jump Spell

Queen Charge LavaLoon is one of the most successful tactics used by players during Clan Wars in Clash of Clans. This would be particularly effective if the opponent’s air defenses were not at the maximum level possible.

For starters, individuals will have to use the queen in addition to the healers to take out some of the base. Later, they can deploy lava dogs and balloons to do their job.

It should be noted that this strategy requires the Archer Queen to be at a high enough level (about 50) and will not work effectively if she is at a lower level.

2) Electro DragLoon

youtube cover
  • Troops to use: 7 electro dragons, 8 balloons, 1 baby dragon, 2 wizards, 2 archers
  • Spells to use: 1 Poison, 2 Freeze, 2 Lightning, 3 Rage
  • Clan Castle Reinforcements: Battle Blimp, Yeti, Rage Spell

Like the aforementioned Queen Charge LavaLoon, the Electro DragLoon would be perfect if the opponent had their air defenses on the lower levels. In addition, if the defenses are placed close by, it would be an added advantage due to the chain damage the Electro Dragon possesses.

Other than identifying where to place the Electro Dragons, there is nothing complicated about this strategy. Once mastered, players will become efficient at performing two-star and three-star attacks in Clash of Clans.

It should be emphasized that users should be careful with the opposing clan castle’s troops and cast the poison spell on them at the right time.

1) Yeti Smash

youtube cover
  • Troops to use: 7 Yetis, 5 Healers, 4 Balloons, 2 Wizards/8 Archers
  • Spells to use: 4 Earthquake, 2 Rage, 1 Leap, 1 Poison
  • Clan Castle Reinforcements: Wall Wrecker/Log Launcher, Yeti and Earthquake Spells

The top strategy on this list is Yeti Smash, which is highly recommended by many users in the Clash of Clans community. Yeti has proven to be one of the most valuable troops in the game, and using them wisely can help immensely.

Like the Super Witch Smash, players must channel their troops correctly, and they can do this by using Warden/Queen with their healers. Once the area is cleared, gamers can use the Siege Engine to break through the walls and access the center of the base.

Apart from the five attacks mentioned above, gamers can also try Mass Dragons in multiplayer matches to get enough loot. BoWiBa is another good strategy they can try in Clash of Clans.

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