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5 best rifles in GTA Online ahead of Los Santos Drug Wars update’s release

There’s not much time left for the release of the highly anticipated GTA Online DLC, the Los Santos Drug Wars. Many fans have been waiting all year for this update.

In addition, the number of things that Rockstar Games will add to GTA Online with this DLC is huge. So players will really have to spend a lot of money to enjoy all these new items and features.

So, players will have to perform various missions in GTA Online very efficiently and quickly, and to do this, they must have the appropriate weapons with them. That’s why this article will recommend five of the best guns they should have before this DLC is released.

Note: This article reflects the author’s subjective opinion.

5 guns players need to get before the latest GTA Online DLC comes out

1) Heavy sniper rifle Mk II

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This is the most powerful sniper rifle currently present in GTA Online and is essential if players want to take down enemies from afar. Since the main design of this weapon is based on the real Serbu BFG-50A, it has a real military design that will appeal to everyone.

It can deal over 230 points of damage, which is considerably more than a regular sniper, although the reload rate remains the same. That’s why it’s the perfect gun to use when players are dealing with grinders.

It can even take out those flying a Lazer or a Hydra. So it is very useful to have during the dangerous sharpening session when enemies try to attack from a distance as well.

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2) Special carbine rifle Mk II

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The Special Carbine Rifle Mk II is a rifle that takes design cues from the G36K assault rifle. So it has a really modern style that will attract players who like first-person shooter games or like to play GTA Online in first-person mode.

It can deal heavy damage to the enemy, up to 32.5 points. The Special Carbine Rifle Mk II also has the second highest damage per second, with a rate of fire of 65, making it one of the deadliest weapons in the game.

Players can use it with the run-and-gun style of play and the high rate of fire that can be used to take down multiple enemies. Plus, there are plenty of tactical tweaks they can apply to make this rifle even more powerful.

3) Bullpup rifle Mk II

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This rifle is directly inspired by two weapons, Kel-Tec RFB and the FAMAS G2. Therefore, it has a futuristic edge to its design that makes it truly memorable.

More importantly, the Bullpup Rifle Mk II is known for having the highest rate of fire in GTA Online. Therefore, this is a great weapon to have if players want to take down different enemies as quickly as possible, as it can also deal over 32 points of damage.

So it is a must-have rifle for anyone who is more focused on dealing damage than being tactical with a rifle.

4) Advanced rifle

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This advanced rifle is based on the Israeli TAR-21, giving it a menacing feel that anyone looking for a power trip will really enjoy. In terms of performance, it is comparable to the Bullpup rifle, as it has 34 damage per shot and a rate of fire of 70.

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However, what sets the Advanced Rifle apart from the Bullpup is its accuracy. It’s leagues better than the last one, so players can shoot more accurately even with high recoil.

5) Assault rifle Mk II

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The design of this rifle will be more recognizable to players because it is primarily based on the AK-47, one of the most popular real weapons, and a mainstay in the gaming industry for years.

So anyone who is a fan of this weapon should definitely consider getting it in GTA Online as it can deal 33 damage per shot. This makes it very good, as it is a nice vanilla model that is present in the game.

Moreover, it also has great range and accuracy. These qualities, combined with its high rate of fire of 60, can make it a very deadly weapon to have in GTA Online.

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