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5 best phones to play Call of Duty Mobile at 90FPS

With over 50 million players logging into the game every day, we can safely say that the developers of Call of Duty Mobile have managed to recreate the fast-paced PvP action that has made COD the global phenomenon it is.

With gameplay designed to make every second count, latency issues and frame drops are something players simply can’t afford in their advance.

Fortunately, a stable internet connection and one of the recommended devices from the list below are enough to ensure your Call of Duty climb is smooth and lag-free.

Top 5 Phones for Call of Duty Mobile Players That Can Play the Game at 90FPS (October 2022)

Below is a list of devices that offer enviable gaming performance, especially in Call of Duty Mobile. The phones are arranged in ascending order of price to help users with different budgets make the right choice for their mobile gaming needs.

  • Poco F4 ($394)
  • iPhone 12 ($599)
  • Xiaomi Black Shark 5 Pro ($859)
  • Nubia 7S Pro ($899)
  • ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro ($1749)

1) Poco F4 ($394)

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Flagship killers have always been top picks for gamers on a budget, and phones like the Poco F4 are the reason why. While the device isn’t geared specifically for gamers, the stereo speakers, excellent display and solid battery life wrapped in top-notch specs make it a great option for Call of Duty enthusiasts who don’t want to burn a hole in their pocket.

  • Specifications: 6.67″ AMOLED HDR10+ 120 Hz, Dolby Vision, SD 870, Adreno 650, 128 GB ROM, 8 GB RAM, 4500 mAh, 67 W fast charging
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2) iPhone 12 ($599)

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If you can afford to go a little further with your budget, then you can ditch the average camera performance of the Poco F4 and buy an XDR OLED display at the same time, in the form of an iPhone 12. Despite being two generations old, the A14 Bionic can still be an excellent daily driver for intensive Call of Duty gamers.

  • Specifications: 6.1″, XDR OLED HDR10 Dolby Vision, A14 Bionic, Apple GPU, 64 GB ROM, 4 GB RAM, 2815 mAh, 20 W fast charging.

3) Xiaomi Black Shark 5 Pro ($859)

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If you fantasize about buying a ROG phone every year but it just isn’t affordable for you, get Xiaomi’s Black Shark 5 Pro. For less than half the price, it comes as close as possible to the ROG lineup.

Physical triggers, 144Hz display, massive 120W fast charging, awesome stereo speakers and much more make this one of the best devices for Call of Duty gamers today. The battery life leaves something to be desired.

  • Specifications: 6.67″ AMOLED 144Hz, 8+ Gen 1, Adreno 730, 256 GB ROM, 12 GB RAM, 4650 mAh, 120W fast charging.

4) Nubia 7S Pro ($899)

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For an extra $50, Redmagic’s Nubia 7S Pro brings a lot more value on paper. A 165Hz panel, advanced thermal management, pressure sensitive triggers and yes, phenomenal battery life are all part of this great package. It is specially designed to take your Call of Duty Mobile experience to the next level.

  • Specifications: 6.8″ AMOLED 120Hz, 8+ Gen 1, Adreno 730, 256GB ROM 16GB RAM, 5000mAh, 65W fast charge.
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5) ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro ($1749)

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ASUS’ ROG lineup has dominated the mobile gaming space for years, and 2022 is no exception. Priced significantly above the other top picks on the market, the company does everything it can to make it worthwhile. IPX4 rated, AirTrigger 6 ultrasonic sensors, premium stereo speakers and display panel. Despite having battery-intensive hardware, it also offers exceptional battery life.

ASUS has also made sure that no complaints about subpar camera performance have been filed this year. AnTuTu Benchmarks has also given the phone first place in their benchmark ranking.

Used by Call of Duty Mobile professionals around the world, this is the latest and greatest in gaming phones.

  • Specifications: 6.78″ AMOLED 165Hz HDR10+, 8+ Gen 1, Adreno 730, 512GB ROM 18GB RAM, 6000mAh, 65W fast charge.

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