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1 stock split and 2 bonus share stocks to watch in the coming week

Stock splits and bonus shares are corporate actions that cause existing shareholders to follow the price movements of the stock. A bonus issue is when shareholders get more shares in a specific proportion depending on their shareholding. Without changing the value of each shareholder’s holdings, a stock split divides the outstanding shares of the company into a number of shares based on a ratio. If you own shares in Bajaj Finserv and AAA Technologies, keep an eye out for price movements over the next week that will affect those stocks as a result of company activities such as bonus shares and stock splits.

Bajaj Finserv

The company has announced that it will issue one bonus share with a par value of one rupee for each fully paid-up share of shares worth one rupee. As a result, investors will receive one bonus share for each share they owned on the record date. The shares will trade ex-bonus on September 13, 2022 and the record date has been set for September 14, 2022 based on data available on the NSE. The proposal for a share split or subdivision of shares in the ratio 1:5 has also been approved by the board. In a filing with the regulatory authorities, the company stated that the board of directors had discussed and approved the subdivision of each existing share of shares with a nominal value of Rs. 5/- in 5 shares with a nominal value of Rs. 1/- fully paid up. In order to determine whether the shareholders are eligible for the stock split, the Board of Directors of Bajaj Finserv has set 14-September-2022 as the record and therefore the ex date falls on 13-September-2022.

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AAA technologies

With a market value of 115 Cr, AAA Technologies is a small cap company operating in the software industry. Since the year 2000, AAA Technologies has been a leading independent audit and consultancy firm in the fields of information security, IS audit, IT assurance & compliance and IT governance. The company has announced bonus shares in a ratio of 1:2, according to NSE data. The company has set September 14, 2022 as the record date. The ex-date is usually stated one business day before the record date due to the T+2 days rule in India. Investors can buy the shares one day before the ex date due to the T+2 settlement to have the shares credited to their Demat account on the record date and eligible for corporate promotions such as bonus shares, stock splits and dividends.

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